Monday, September 28, 2009

Introduction, etc.

Hello! If anyone has come across my blog and is actually reading it, I'm pretty amazed because I've just started this blog and have done nothing to prove that it's worth reading yet. So thanks. Currently, my best friend is sleeping in the room next to me (what the hell? she needs to sleep more than four hours after we stay up until 4??). To distract myself from the hunger that's growing from waiting for her to get up and help me make pancakes, and because I'm painfully bad at introductions, I'll list some things about myself, to break the ice. Or something like that.

1) My real name is Caroline but my sister nicknamed me Kiki when I was a few months old. Call me whichever.

2) I stutter and trip over my own words more often than you can say hot potato. Oh shiii, that didn't make sense.

3) Oftentimes, when I do pronounce all my words properly, they are strung together in ways that even I don't understand.

4) I've been a ballerina for ten years and a cellist for six.

5) My very favorite person in the world is the aforementioned best friend, Sydney. Now I've moved closer to her in the hopes that my typing will wake her up because I need some breakfast in my belly NOW.

6) I'm a captain of my school's JV field hockey team and love it.

7) Give me pearls and dark chocolate and you have yourself a new friend.

8) I'm not sure whether I like this blog's name or not. Syd said, "It sounds like the name of a weird band you'd listen to." The kaleidoscope part isn't really referring to the toy, more like the series of changing events and phases that is my life. Thoughts?

I'm not going to label this as a fashion blog or a music blog or an art blog. It's probably just be my random rants and feelings and things I love. Speaking of things I love, I love this picture.

I'm excited. Nice to meet you, let's be friends.
xxx Kiki