Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Dowd, Elwood P.

Last night I watched the movie Harvey with my mom. It's a Jimmy Stewart comedy about a man, Elwood, whose friend is Harvey, a six-foot-tall white rabbit. Except only Elwood can see Harvey, which makes his sister, Veta, and niece's plans of having social lives impossible. So, they try to put him in an institution but Veta gets checked in instead!
The idea sounds a bit strange, but I found it so charming. The moral of the story is basically that because Elwood is so genuinely sweet and sincere, all he does is spread happiness to everyone he meets so it doesn't matter that he's not exactly "normal". Just watch it, I promise you'll fall in love. It's so refreshing to watch old movies that, compared to today's, are so immaculately written and thought-provoking. The feeling you get when you watch them just can't be recreated anymore.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

letters to dead people.

From this Tumblr.

Some serious, some funny, but all things I would like to say myself. Check out more here!