Saturday, October 31, 2009

shadow loves jack!

Hey loves! Hope you've all had/are having a great Halloween. I'm about to throw together a gypsy costume so I can go trick or treating for Unicef with my sister. What are your plans tonight?

Friday, October 30, 2009

infinity and beyond.

Yesterday I ended up going to school because I honestly just couldn't stand being at home and doing nothing any longer. I figured that my fever had been gone enough to keep me from infecting anyone else. I also really wanted to go to school because it was our last field hockey game of the season. Normally I play with the JV team but this week I got moved up to varsity, although I was kept from playing most of the week because of swine.

We didn't win, but I was still so proud because we played as hard as we possibly could. Then that proud feeling disappeared for all of us as it sunk in that it was the last night our team would spend together. After the game, our coach was giving us a speech about the game like she always does, but cut it short because she knew we were all trying to keep from crying. Once we got on the bus we stopped trying though, we just all held hands and let the tears fall. We're losing so much. For the past three months, field hockey has been my life. These girls are now my sisters. I realize that I can still see them now that the season is over, but it won't be the same, not spending hours with them every single day. And it can't just wait until next year either, because half the team is made of seniors who will be gone next year. I know next year's team will be great, too, but it won't fill all the gaps. This team isn't just a team, it's the greatest family I've ever been a part of (with Greek cheers and Camille's nerd voice and Jordan the angry bunny and Rupe's random hugs and smashing together in the back of the bus and Jess the greatest captain ever and singalongs and campfires and senior night and SASQUATCH! and Joy's ridiculous stories and everything and everyone). And now it's all gone.

Today I walked home from school for the first time in months, I'm so used to getting rides home from my girls and blasting the music. I hate that it can't last forever.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, time does not exactly fly when you're sitting around not able to do anything, waiting for each hour to pass. I feel somewhat better now that I've started taking my tamiflu, but I still have a fever and am sort, um, dazed.. apparently when my mom woke me up this morning to make me take my medicine I said, "But mumma, it's Christmas!"

This is why, my 9 followers, I want you to go attack my formspring! Ask me or tell me anything. It doesn't necessarily have to be witty or deep, although I would love it a lot if they were! If you want you can just tell me how your neighbor Zachary is a lunatic or how the trees are gorgeous this week or how you just built a fort out of saltine crackers. I'll be as happy as a clam in either case. And then in a few days, when I will inevitably still be stuck at home, I'll have a post replying to them.

Waheee. Hope you're all having lovely weeks so far.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Swine '09

Yes, it's true my dears- yours truly has been diagnosed with the lovely H1N1 virus! I feel so terrible. Yesterday I started having a high fever (103 degrees!), coughing, sneeze attacks, body aches & headaches, lightheaded-ness, a sore throat, and chills. So my mom decided to take me to the doctor. They made me wear a mask in the waiting room so I wouldn't infect anyone else. I felt like such an idiot. But anyway, they tested some of my spit and told me that I have swine flu! I have to be fever-free for 48 hours before I can go back to school, and since my fever is still at 100 degrees today, I think I'll be out for the whole week.

Since I can't do anything too strenuous/anything involving standing up for more than five minutes at a time without feeling faint, my activities are limited to: Sitting and using the computer. Sitting and reading. Sitting and listening to music. Sitting and attempting to do the homework my lovely teachers have emailed me. Sitting and watching movies. Sleeping. I AM SO BORED. I WANT TO PLAY FIELD HOCKEY.

So far today all I've done is listen to the acoustic versions of songs on It's Blitz repeatedly. My favorite is this one:

Well yay, now it's 10 AM. Only 12 more hours to kill until I go back to sleep. Expect lots of posts this week, haha.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

decisions decisions

I hate my bedroom the way it is now. It looks like a rainbow vomited all over it, and it's been like this since the 5th grade. So for my birthday, which was on wednesday, I couldn't really think of much else that I wanted, so I asked to re-do my room. My mom made a cute little portfolio called "Super Delux Bedroom Remodeling Kit" with steps for redoing my room and paint chips and design books. I get to choose new paint, which will be painted on Thanksgiving weekend, and a new bedspread, and a giftcard so I can buy other stuff to decorate my room with.

I've been looking on here a lot. It's supposed to be giving me inspiration but it's really just making it harder for me to decide on a design. Right now I'm leaning towards pink,

but purple is nice too (okay so there's a very slim chance that I can get a library built into my walls but I can dream, right?).

And then there's always CHALKBOARD PAINT.

Or maybe I want to keep the walls white, a blank canvas to fill with paintings and posters and other bright accessories.

But I also really like wallpaper.. though I'm not sure if it's included in the deal with my mom.

Good thing I've got some time to make up my mind.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

there is no sloth in field hockey

You left your rainbow fuzzy socks at my house yesterday, but I'm not going to tell you until you ask/read this because they're sooooo warm. Also, I lurve you and you're my favorite person to bake brownies with.

I should have apologized a long time ago.

Please stop giving me reasons to hate you.

Mr. L,
You're the most amazing photography teacher ever and it makes me so so happy to hear that you want a photo from my first roll of film to be in the art show!

Please please please pleaseeeeee leave me alone!

Mrs. S,
I loathe you. You read like a student. I frequently rewrite the notes you give us so that they have parallel structure. I don't understand why you're an English teacher.

Our birthday is tomorrow! You better come see Where the Wild Things Are and eat crepes with me this weekend or else I'll be upset.

I'm soooooo glad we met. My lawyer is an ignoramus and doesn't understand why I love you so much. You're my favorite person to text. Or maybe it's Winnifred I'm texting?

A Song,
It was brilliant of you to suggest nerds as our game day theme. Can we please dress like this every day?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

and the Britney song is on?

Last night, I went to my school's homecoming. I didn't go last year because I felt too awkward and self-conscious. I'm still awkward now, but not so much self-conscious, and I figured that I needed to go to a high school homecoming at least once.

Before the dance I went to my best friend Syd's house with about six other people... it was really fun until my date, who I shall call C, showed up. I was sort of surprised, considering how I hadn't even heard from him since Thursday and had no way of knowing if he was still planning on going to homecoming. But mostly, I was really ticked off because he showed up in a red shirt (my dress was teal-ish and black) and Kanye West-esque shutter shades. And he said I looked "really nice". Nice! No. I did my makeup for him!pics 006 Awkwardness continued after we showed up to the dance. I started dancing with my group of friends, using my signature dance move, the "sort of shuffle feet, move hips and shoulders, and occasionally tuck hair back/ put hands up while looking downward". I was having a really good time of just being stupid with my friends, and was actually pretty relieved that C was, *ahem*, dancing with other girls. But of course since he was my date I had to dance with him a few times. Well actually, it was more like C would take a break from dancing with someone else, then show up behind me and trap me in the crowd so I couldn’t do anything else but dance with him. He did ask me to slow dance with him too; I wanted to die. I couldn’t even look him in the face and he stepped on my feet approximately 342098563607078543 times. Longest three minutes of my life!

The dance ended around eleven and C left without saying goodbye to me. Then I went back to Syd’s for the highlight of my night: Helping Syd eat the chocolates that her date, who also turned out to be an idiot, brought 014 Nom nom. We decided that neither of us are going to think of boys anymore. They’re a big hassle and are really not worth it. I think, even though a few posts ago I gushed about C like a 12 year old with her first crush, I never really liked him. I just hadn’t shown an interest in guys for a while, and it made me happy to tell my friends that I might like C and hear their positive reactions. So really, I didn’t like C, I liked the idea of liking someone.

Even though I’m going to try and erase last night from my memory, comments telling me of your dates gone wrong would be much appreciated :]

Friday, October 16, 2009

let the wild rumpus start!


Back when I first started seeing trailers for this movie, maybe around May? I was kind of disappointed because too many of my favorite books have been ruined in movie form. But as I've learned more about it, I've decided that it's totally impossible for this movie not to be amazing like everyone is anticipating it's going to be. For one, it's produced by Spike Jonze. Someone with such an awesome name will obvious make an awesome movie. And, Maurice Sendak, the author of the book, was consulted tons while the movie was being shot and says that it's more than he could ever dream of. AND, Max Records, who plays Max, is adorable. AND, the soundtrack was writen by Karen O.

I'm so happy I could cry. I hope I get a chance to see this at some point this weekend, preferable tonight. Now I'm going to go eat yummy Lebanese food and then get told how much worse my eyes have gotten in a year.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


You know what are great? Hedgehogs. The other day I was forced unpack some boxes left over from when me moved (um five years ago) and I came across a bunch of my old picture books. My favorite was this one (tell me yours, too!):
Reading over it made me feel so nostalgic, I really have so many happy memories about this book. I asked my parents to get me drums for probably three birthdays in a row, and when they didn't, I banged on pots and pans so I could be like my 'friends' from the book. And when I went on walks in the woods, I used to always go "Do you think there are any hedgehogs here? Do you think I'll see HARRY? Harry is my favorite! Listen, if I snap this pine cone a bit, that's music! I could be in the band, couldn't I?"

Most days I don't like growing up.

Edit: After Nicky's comment, I remembered something else. My parents are both fluent in russian and used to call me yosh, which means hedgehog. Or yoshie baby. SEE? So many memories.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


As promised, I made my fort last night! I basically rounded up random stuff, some with sentimental value and some without, and hung it in between two sheets over my bed. It took forever but I think it was so worth it.

I guess technically, this is more of a tent than a fort. But it serves the same purpose. I stayed up late last night, listening to Eisley and Beirut, and reading The Secret Life of Houdini, and just thinking. I was tired, but didn't want to fall asleep because I didn't want to lose that feeling of being safe in my little hideaway. My corner of the universe. I spent my whole morning there too. My parents don't understand why, but I think I'll leave it up for a while longer. I like thinking that everything I need to escape from the world for a little while can fit between two sheets and a wall.

x Kiki

Friday, October 9, 2009

weekend project

The other day on The Rockstar Diaries, I learned about The Wild Things' Fort contest. And then that lead me to the fort project from Kelly Burgess photography. Now I've got lots of inspiration to build my own fort, so I'll have a distraction while I'm anticipating the movie.

Mhmm. Off to find some pretty sheets.

x Kiki

Thursday, October 8, 2009

if you're happy and you know it clap your hands

Today is a good day. A couple hours ago I asked this guy I like and who I think likes me back to homecoming. I almost died of what-if syndrome before I asked him, but then he said "Of course!"

Fantastic. I need a dress! I want a purple one that I can wear pearls with. I can't stop smiling. Ahaaaa. I've been trying to listen to mellow-ish music to calm me down, maybe this one will work?

Nope. I'm sorry for being such a teenager.

x Kiki

Sunday, October 4, 2009

fall snapshots

The weather in Maryland has been pretty bipolar since autumn started a few weeks ago- either ridiculously hot and humid, or freezing cold and rainy. It was perfect out this weekend though, the way fall is supposed to be, which got me in the mood for taking lots of pictures.

Baking pumpkin scones

Eating said scones with chamomile

Apple picking!

Random package from my grandma. warm cardigan, and creepy/cute bunny pin?

Farmer's market

Daddio's birthday (I was sooo proud of myself for that decorating job)

Ohhhh how I love fall. I hope this weather lasts until my birthday in a few weeks. I'm thinking I want to take a few of my friends camping. Have a campfire, eat s'mores, sleep (or not) in a tent, all that jazz.

x Kiki

Thursday, October 1, 2009

move while you're watching me dance with the enemy

Wassup blogger friendz! Thanks for such a warm welcome into blog land. Didn't expect that I'd get so many comments so soon.

Every time my field hockey team has a game, we decide on a theme to dress as during the school day to generate some school spirit. In the past we've done black-out (all black in case you couldn't guess), boys, cats, etc. And today's game we decided on mismatched. I was SO excited because it meant I got to wear tons of over the top attention grabbing clothes. Here's what I wore (ignore gross morning face):
Two shirts, red tank top, gray jeans, red and black plaid boots, wood flower necklace, and some rainbow bracelets circa third grade. Oh! And my favorite brooch that you can't really see in this picture:
His name is Mista Funktastic Hippo. Notice it's Mista, call him Mister and I'll have to hate you for not implying his full funk power.
Then when I got to school I decided I was still matching too much so I had to put my field hockey skirt on too. My team attracted quite a few stares in the hallway.

And noooo, we didn't win our game. The school we played is about evenly matched with our skill, so I was expecting that I'd be able to tell people that we won by 4 or something. But one of our best scorers was sick, and then another slipped and twisted her ankle on the field and couldn't play. And our goalie sucks because she never comes to practice or listens to any advice we give her. We tried so so hard but we lost 1-0. AHHHHHHHH. We were supposed to win! I could seriously cry. Or kill someone.

To calm myself down I'm going to listen to this song a million times. Remedy by Little Boots.

It's working, I must get up and dance now! No more poison killing my emotions!

xxx Kiki

Edit: The way that the video juts out into the sidebar is annoying the bejesus out of me! I must figure out how to make my center column wider. Hm.