Sunday, May 30, 2010

I’m alive!

HI GUYS! I am so sorry for the super long blogging break (I actually didn't realize how long I'd been gone until I looked at my blog this morning and saw that the last entry was April 10. Oops.)! And the reason for my disappearing for so long is this: Around the time I stopped posting I was studying like crazy for my AP exam, so I didn't have much free time. Then after the test was over, I just wasn't feeling like blogging much, so I didn't. I was trying to actually live my life rather than living others' through my computer screen. And it was successful, I must say, but I did start missing blogging terribly! So now I'm back, with a plan to still let my creative side show with this blog, but to balance it with you know, real life. School is winding down (I'm done June 15) so I'll have lots of energy to post!

I've done a lot since I've been away:

1.)Baked cupcakes as well as other ambitious things like lemon souffl├ęs pics 014

2.) Danced my heart out in my ballet recitalimage

3.) Had some very deep discussions

4.) Folded many paper cranes pics 016

I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of things but my point is, life is good! I want to give a big thank you to everyone who started following my blog while I was away.. you guys are super awesome for still liking my blog even though it seemed like I was never going to post again!

Hope you're all having wonderful weekends; I'm going to a picnic at my ballet teacher's house. Hooray for cucumber sandwiches!