Thursday, February 25, 2010

so the deal is

Okay, explanation of why my last decent post was like 54690 years ago: Things are rather horrible and are keeping me from being able to think up creative ideas. I wish I had a better excuse than that, such as "I found out that I'm adopted and am actually a descendant of the Danish royal family and so I went to live Copenhagen" or "I took a spur of the moment trip to volunteer in Haiti", but I don't.

So in the mean time I've managed to make myself feel slightly better by deciding that I want to be a sand artist when I grow up.

The End!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

room re-do.

Sooo for my birthday, back in October, my mom said I could makeover my room as one of my presents. I’ve painted it this color already:room2

But I haven’t really had time to decide on a theme for the rest of the room until now! Here’s what I’m thinking. I want victorian bedding like thisroom1

And big white curtains to let the light in.room3

On the walls, I think I’d like either a 1. London Particulars or 2. Please Be Still print.room4 room5

A PB Teen chandelier like this would also be lovely!room6

And some wire desk organizers would keep me sane.room7

Hooray, time to start shopping!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lame post alert!

Hi hi, I will begin this with the predictable apology of: so sorry I haven’t been posting or commenting much lately! I’m back at school now and apparently, the teachers have decided to punish us for not being able to go last week by giving us so so so SO much work. Add in cello lessons, ballet classes, running for president of clubs, Olympics watching, study sessions and volunteering you’ll understand why I have no time for creativity.

In the mean time, how about some music? Yay music? Yes, yay music! This is 10 Mile Stereo from the new Beach House album Teen Dream. Too good.

Okay, hopefully everything will be back to normal next week so I’ll actually be able to give you some decent posts! Hope you’re all having fabulous weeks.

Friday, February 12, 2010

like is harder than love!

Cassie's Therapy Video is a blogger tag by the wonderful Erimentha of The Little Blog of Happiness and today it was given to me by dearest Camille! Yay, I’m so excited to have finally gotten it!

The rules are as follows: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video (here). Below, the bolded things are what you MUST include. Also, please link it back to Erimentha and 3 other blogs you adore. I choose to pass it on to:

Bella of English Eccentric because she’s super imaginative and would be great at something like this. Jenna of THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLFE because she’s just returned from a blogging hiatus and must now tell some interesting things about herself to make it up to her loyal, post hungry readers. Olivia of Olivia’s Pizzazz because she’s oh so stylish and puts well, pizzazz, into everything she does.

Abracadabra, Wow!
I like boys with artistic abilities and girls with lunchboxes.
I like putting on a just-ironed shirt.
I like having breakfast for dinner.
I like words with q's in them.
I like houses with all wood flooring.
I like eating icicles.
I like giving advice and being appreciated for it.
I like to see people smile when I give them cupcakes.
I like having my hair played with.
I like laughing at ridiculous infomercials.
I like teaching my mom words in Spanish and having her teach me French ones back.
I like going on walks in the cold and coming back with flushed cheeks.

I love being with friends and realizing that they're the right ones.

Today I am going to bake brownies and watch FRIENDS with my sister.

In some ways, I love everything.
Its less, its less of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular.
I like things that I like but I love everything.
There’s more choice in like cos even the worst things have things you love in them.

I don’t know what you mean about things I hate.
I hate
I hate country music no matter how open minded I try to be.
I hate the word retard.
I hate scary movies.
I hate when people give me "the once over".
I hate asking for help, but in a way, I'm starting to see that I sometimes need it.
I hate having my name (Caroline) pronounced as Carolyn.
I hate when people think they should always use "I" and "whom" when in some cases it's actually correct to say "me" or "who".
I hate this, wow...


I. Heart. Cassie.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello lovely readers, it’s time for the Word of the Week on Wednesday again! This week’s word is...

NEBULOUS- neb·u·lous
1. hazy, vague, indistinct, or confused
2. cloudy or cloudlike

Nebulous things this week include:
1. How I’m going to stay sane this week! Over the weekend, it snowed two and a half feet and it’s currently snowing again, which will add another foot or so. School has been canceled for the rest of this week already. And it’s nice to have a break and all, but I am seriously running out of things to do! The roads aren’t plowed and there are 45 mph winds, so I’m stuck inside. If any of you have any suggestions of how to stay occupied/ hit up my formspring I will love you forever/be eternally grateful.

2. Nebulas (I know you’re thinking well duh Kiki, nebulous nebulas? But I love nebulas so I’m going to show you some pictures of them nananana booboo)! I’ve been fascinated by astronomy since I was little and love going through the NASA archives.nebula4 nebula3 nebula5

3. This skirt, from Beklina.skirt Want want want! But will not get get get because a) it’s not in my size and b) even though it’s on sale it’s still $230.

Off to… read maybe? Adios!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

oh my words!

I love typography. I always spend wayyyy too long deciding which font I’m going to use for every project and essay I get assigned. Each one has a different mood and helps bring out a different message to the person looking at it, and I just think that’s really cool. That little letters can do that. Which is why I’m totally geeking out over these:

1. Lowercase teetype4

2. Helvetica cookie cutterstype2

3. Serif ampersand necklacetype5

4. Thomas Broome drawing (click picture to zoom in!) type3 My favorite fonts are Helvetica and Times, which is what I use on this blog. I hate Arial and Comic Sans. Do you have a favorite typeface?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

things you never wanted to know about me

So right now I'm sitting through the second big snow storm of this winter. It started at noon yesterday and is supposed to keep snowing through midnight tonight! The snow already comes over my knees, so I think it's safe to say that I won't be having much school next week, hooray! The one downside of this storm though is that it knocked my power out last night. Since we have electric heat it got so freeeeeezing cold that my entire family had to camp out in front of the fireplace in my living room. We played lots of card and board games and ate ice cream sundaes by candlelight. It was actually rather nice to spend some time with everyone for once.

But just the same, I was happy when I got woken up this morning from all the lights flicking back on! And it made me even happier to see that the lovely Tegan had given my little blog an award:
And now I'm to answer all these survey questions. It's really long so be warned!

1. Where is your cell phone? No clue?
2. Your hair? Let's say chocolate brown.
3. Your mother? Lovely book editor who loves coke and macaroons. Excellent listener.
4. Your father? A mix of wise, smart, obnoxious, caring, cautious, funny and eccentric. Sometimes all at once, sometimes not.
6. Your dream last night? This reoccurring one I have where my cereal turns into moths in my mouth.
7. Your favourite drink? Water.
8. Your dream/goal? Be the best person I can be.
9. What room are you in? Office.
10. Your hobby? Music and art and well.. everything in the world could turn into a hobby for me.
11. Your fear? Moths, swimming with fish (no not sharks, I mean like little minnows you could squish with your foot), the dark.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? College.
13. Where were you last night? In front of the fireplace.
14. Something you aren't? A robot.
15. Muffins? Chocolate.
16. Wish list item? New wardrobe.
17. Where did you grow up? D.C. for a bit then Maryland.
18. Last thing you did? Eat oatmeal.
19. What are you wearing? Plaid pajamas and penguin slippers.
20. Your TV? Rarely used.
21. Your pets? Slight cynical cat named Shadow.
22. Your friends? Perfect.
23. Your life? Has a lot more in store hopefully.
24. Your mood? Happy.
25. Missing someone? Someones.
26. Vehichle? My legs?
27. Something you are not wearing? An armadillo.
28. Your favourite store? Etsy.
29. Your favourite colour? Indigo.
30. When was the last time you laughed? 10 pm last night.
31. Last time you cried? Mmm like a week ago over something stupid.
33. One place that I go over and over? Home, but by default I guess.
34. One person who emails you regularly? My mother, haha.
35. Favourite place to eat? Home, or the Lebanese taverna.

Hope you all enjoyed that randomness or skipped it altogether. I tag anyone who wants this, especially my awesome new followers!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

cello love!

I guess I haven’t made this very widely known, but I play the cello! I’ve been playing for almost seven years and couldn’t live without it. Oftentimes when I’m going through bad times it’s a lot easier for me to express myself through my music than it is to find the words for how I’m feeling. The times when I’m playing my cello are really the only ones where I can just tune out everything else and just be. I know that sounds cliché but it’s true. This instrument is really special to me and I wouldn’t ever give it up.

I am constantly inspired by the cello, and clearly other people are too! For example:cello1 Contrived to Charm belt.

cello2cello3 Insanely awesome f-hole tattoos! First ladyraycello on flickr, second Musings of a Born Socialite.

cello4cello5 Recycled cello string bracelet with crystal and silver.

And my favorite piece at the moment (I say at the moment because I have soooo many and change my mind a lot):

I know that classical music can seem rather boring if it’s not what you’re used to, but I would really appreciate it if you guys would listen to this since cello is so close to my heart :]

Happy almost Friday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1001 Journals

A couple weeks ago my friend Camille started a project on 1001 Journals. The idea is that someone buys a blank journal and fills it with sketches, paintings, collages, thoughts, lyrics, etc. Then other people sign up for the journal and it gets mailed to them, so they can fill it with entries too. So potentially one journal could go all around the world!

I signed up for the one Camille started and got it a week ago. I got to see all Camille's entries, and am currently filling the pages with my work. When I'm done, I have to send it alllll the way to Denton Texas! Then it's going to California, D.C., Massachusetts, Florida, Wisconsin, and wherever else an interested person signs up for it.

I'm not exactly comfortable with showing my entries on this blog as they're rather personal (it's actually really easy to pour your heart out to people you'll never know), but here are some of the types of entries you might see...




I love seeing other peoples’ art so unfiltered. It inspires me to set aside the time to be creative, which is saying a lot considering how busy I’ve been lately! So I highly recommend that you all sign up for a journal or two, it’s really fun and stress relieving and all that good stuff. Ya might learn something too, either from seeing what entries you come up with or from reading someone else’s.