Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello lovely readers, it’s time for the Word of the Week on Wednesday again! This week’s word is...

NEBULOUS- neb·u·lous
1. hazy, vague, indistinct, or confused
2. cloudy or cloudlike

Nebulous things this week include:
1. How I’m going to stay sane this week! Over the weekend, it snowed two and a half feet and it’s currently snowing again, which will add another foot or so. School has been canceled for the rest of this week already. And it’s nice to have a break and all, but I am seriously running out of things to do! The roads aren’t plowed and there are 45 mph winds, so I’m stuck inside. If any of you have any suggestions of how to stay occupied/ hit up my formspring I will love you forever/be eternally grateful.

2. Nebulas (I know you’re thinking well duh Kiki, nebulous nebulas? But I love nebulas so I’m going to show you some pictures of them nananana booboo)! I’ve been fascinated by astronomy since I was little and love going through the NASA archives.nebula4 nebula3 nebula5

3. This skirt, from Beklina.skirt Want want want! But will not get get get because a) it’s not in my size and b) even though it’s on sale it’s still $230.

Off to… read maybe? Adios!


  1. ive never been interested in space and all that shizz, i use to justbe like YUCK SCIENCE
    but that skirt, i must admit is something speical :D

  2. I want that skirt. I want that skirt.I want that skirt.I want that skirt. Did I tell you I want that skirt? Great post!

  3. ugh I love the cosmo clothes all are so expensive though :(

    lovelove, M.

  4. Those pictures are so beautiful and intriguing.

    Also, it is a nice skirt but definitely not worth that amount of money 0_0

  5. That skirt is fabuloussssssssssss! love! x

  6. love the skirt,
    great blog...


    i'd love to have you follow me....i return all favors.