Saturday, February 20, 2010

room re-do.

Sooo for my birthday, back in October, my mom said I could makeover my room as one of my presents. I’ve painted it this color already:room2

But I haven’t really had time to decide on a theme for the rest of the room until now! Here’s what I’m thinking. I want victorian bedding like thisroom1

And big white curtains to let the light in.room3

On the walls, I think I’d like either a 1. London Particulars or 2. Please Be Still print.room4 room5

A PB Teen chandelier like this would also be lovely!room6

And some wire desk organizers would keep me sane.room7

Hooray, time to start shopping!


  1. That looks/sounds awesome! How about some victorian bird cages? ^o^

  2. You have a super cute blog. The room sounds lovely.

  3. your room is going to be so beautiful. i am a huge fan of toile bedding!

  4. I love the colour you've chosen and cant wait to see the end result x

  5. Hey Kiki! I'm sorry it's been so long! I'm finally catching up with your blog and there are way too many things to comment on. I love all your pictures and ideas for decorating your room, and all your etsy finds (you're going to make me spend money! :X)
    I've been in Buenos Aires for 5 weeks now!! It's been fun but a bit long and has had its share of family problems so I'm actually really ready to get back to my home and family and friends, and even work lol.
    Glad to see you've survived the crazy snowstorms the last few weeks!
    Much much love and besos!

  6. I love the color you chose..your room is going to be beautiful! xo ava

  7. great ideas for your room! you should totally get those prints :D

  8. Oooh this sounds exciting Kiki! I really like the concept you have going for your walls and I really need some book holders. Really BADLY!

  9. you have such a lovely place here! the images are amazing :)


  10. ahhh love the chandelier! PB is the best