Sunday, February 7, 2010

oh my words!

I love typography. I always spend wayyyy too long deciding which font I’m going to use for every project and essay I get assigned. Each one has a different mood and helps bring out a different message to the person looking at it, and I just think that’s really cool. That little letters can do that. Which is why I’m totally geeking out over these:

1. Lowercase teetype4

2. Helvetica cookie cutterstype2

3. Serif ampersand necklacetype5

4. Thomas Broome drawing (click picture to zoom in!) type3 My favorite fonts are Helvetica and Times, which is what I use on this blog. I hate Arial and Comic Sans. Do you have a favorite typeface?


  1. That Thomas Broome drawing is amazing. I didn't notice the words before I looked closer =)

  2. I really really want those Helvetica cookie cutters!!

  3. I use century gothic for everything, so much so that my friends laugh at me :p and I cant STAND comic sans... xxx

  4. I love "Times"... but I prefer "Jenkins" ! It's more expressive !... and I love your blog too ! Kiki... It's a wonderful word !...:)

    See you...(:]

  5. wow that drawimng is amazing, and I love those pictures, that drawing is so pretty I loce it xxx

  6. I do the exact same thing! I, literally, usually spend an hour deciding on what font I should use whilst completing an essay or assignment or something.
    I love century gothic, helvetica, times and franklin gothic.
    Ew, I absolutely deteste Comic Sans.

  7. those cookie cutters are awesome!