Wednesday, October 14, 2009


You know what are great? Hedgehogs. The other day I was forced unpack some boxes left over from when me moved (um five years ago) and I came across a bunch of my old picture books. My favorite was this one (tell me yours, too!):
Reading over it made me feel so nostalgic, I really have so many happy memories about this book. I asked my parents to get me drums for probably three birthdays in a row, and when they didn't, I banged on pots and pans so I could be like my 'friends' from the book. And when I went on walks in the woods, I used to always go "Do you think there are any hedgehogs here? Do you think I'll see HARRY? Harry is my favorite! Listen, if I snap this pine cone a bit, that's music! I could be in the band, couldn't I?"

Most days I don't like growing up.

Edit: After Nicky's comment, I remembered something else. My parents are both fluent in russian and used to call me yosh, which means hedgehog. Or yoshie baby. SEE? So many memories.


  1. The "if i snap this pine cone a bit" part made me laugh :')
    Ive never heard about that book but it does lok very fun, its like i had a book called the "little caterpiler" or somthing and i was in love with it and wanted to be like a caterpiller?
    erm ok faye...
    ahha x

  2. so sweet to remember books like this. so love your header, too.

  3. I love children's favorite was "Hannah's Journal." I don't really think it was too popular but it should have been!

  4. I love finding things from my childhood, they bring back the good old days that I'll always cherish! Lovely post.

  5. Children's books calm me down. And the smell of crayons.

  6. I remember this book from when I was little!

  7. Ok this is THE most random comment ever but the other day I started russian classes and the first word I leant was hedgehog,
    you pronounce it yosh so I've been calling everyone yosh I just think it's the cutest name for a hedgehog ever :)
    anyway after introducing myself with that randomness I'm nicky :)

  8. awr that looks like the cutest kids book! i was always a fan of bread and jam for francis, about badgers, i think they are something like hedgehogs?

  9. awww so cute! i loved hedgehogs when i was little, i had a huge collection of hedgehog cuddly toys and always wanted one as a pet