Saturday, October 24, 2009

decisions decisions

I hate my bedroom the way it is now. It looks like a rainbow vomited all over it, and it's been like this since the 5th grade. So for my birthday, which was on wednesday, I couldn't really think of much else that I wanted, so I asked to re-do my room. My mom made a cute little portfolio called "Super Delux Bedroom Remodeling Kit" with steps for redoing my room and paint chips and design books. I get to choose new paint, which will be painted on Thanksgiving weekend, and a new bedspread, and a giftcard so I can buy other stuff to decorate my room with.

I've been looking on here a lot. It's supposed to be giving me inspiration but it's really just making it harder for me to decide on a design. Right now I'm leaning towards pink,

but purple is nice too (okay so there's a very slim chance that I can get a library built into my walls but I can dream, right?).

And then there's always CHALKBOARD PAINT.

Or maybe I want to keep the walls white, a blank canvas to fill with paintings and posters and other bright accessories.

But I also really like wallpaper.. though I'm not sure if it's included in the deal with my mom.

Good thing I've got some time to make up my mind.


  1. great pictures but word of advice about 2 years ago I did the same thng I did a maaasssive makeover on my room its similar to the top picture but now I regret the pink so much! I mean I still like the style but I just got sick of pink.

  2. LOVE the chalkboard idea daughter ;)

  3. I agree with Olivia, my room is all pink and I HATEEEEE it but I guess thats because I've not had my room done since I was like 7! So in spring I'm getting my room done too and want it lime greenish :)
    that chalkbaord is soo cool
    Sorry I havn't been around much latly been busyy! But I hass a new blog
    check it outttt (;x

  4. I hate trying to decide how I want my room, as I inevitably decide I don't like it after a year...
    I can't wait to see what you go for.

  5. Love the pink vintage look. One of the downfalls of renting - no decorating allowed! My bedroom is white shabby chic vintage... with magnolia walls! Sigh.

    Love your blog, will be checking back regularly! :)


  6. im about to have my room redone too :) I was thinking of a deep purple. very chillout. although that chalkboard paint is COOL. xxx