Thursday, October 1, 2009

move while you're watching me dance with the enemy

Wassup blogger friendz! Thanks for such a warm welcome into blog land. Didn't expect that I'd get so many comments so soon.

Every time my field hockey team has a game, we decide on a theme to dress as during the school day to generate some school spirit. In the past we've done black-out (all black in case you couldn't guess), boys, cats, etc. And today's game we decided on mismatched. I was SO excited because it meant I got to wear tons of over the top attention grabbing clothes. Here's what I wore (ignore gross morning face):
Two shirts, red tank top, gray jeans, red and black plaid boots, wood flower necklace, and some rainbow bracelets circa third grade. Oh! And my favorite brooch that you can't really see in this picture:
His name is Mista Funktastic Hippo. Notice it's Mista, call him Mister and I'll have to hate you for not implying his full funk power.
Then when I got to school I decided I was still matching too much so I had to put my field hockey skirt on too. My team attracted quite a few stares in the hallway.

And noooo, we didn't win our game. The school we played is about evenly matched with our skill, so I was expecting that I'd be able to tell people that we won by 4 or something. But one of our best scorers was sick, and then another slipped and twisted her ankle on the field and couldn't play. And our goalie sucks because she never comes to practice or listens to any advice we give her. We tried so so hard but we lost 1-0. AHHHHHHHH. We were supposed to win! I could seriously cry. Or kill someone.

To calm myself down I'm going to listen to this song a million times. Remedy by Little Boots.

It's working, I must get up and dance now! No more poison killing my emotions!

xxx Kiki

Edit: The way that the video juts out into the sidebar is annoying the bejesus out of me! I must figure out how to make my center column wider. Hm.


    I'm sorry about the game! Although, you almost won! :)
    Brilliant post!

  2. oh dear. that brooch is probably the best thing i've seen all day! and field hockey, how i miss it. i didn't play this year and so have been wearing my hockey socks nostalgically around the house the whole winter...trag.

    um, as for making your center column wider, you need to edit the HTML code of your layout- let me know if you want any help with that. (:

  3. AH MY GOD! Mismatching for team spirit, that is sooo cool. You guys are brave taking in stares from the hallway, takes some real guts to do that! I also love your top and your bracelets and your brooch...ahh what the heck I love it all.
    PS: Your orange lockers look fun.