Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, time does not exactly fly when you're sitting around not able to do anything, waiting for each hour to pass. I feel somewhat better now that I've started taking my tamiflu, but I still have a fever and am sort, um, dazed.. apparently when my mom woke me up this morning to make me take my medicine I said, "But mumma, it's Christmas!"

This is why, my 9 followers, I want you to go attack my formspring! Ask me or tell me anything. It doesn't necessarily have to be witty or deep, although I would love it a lot if they were! If you want you can just tell me how your neighbor Zachary is a lunatic or how the trees are gorgeous this week or how you just built a fort out of saltine crackers. I'll be as happy as a clam in either case. And then in a few days, when I will inevitably still be stuck at home, I'll have a post replying to them.

Waheee. Hope you're all having lovely weeks so far.

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