Sunday, October 18, 2009

and the Britney song is on?

Last night, I went to my school's homecoming. I didn't go last year because I felt too awkward and self-conscious. I'm still awkward now, but not so much self-conscious, and I figured that I needed to go to a high school homecoming at least once.

Before the dance I went to my best friend Syd's house with about six other people... it was really fun until my date, who I shall call C, showed up. I was sort of surprised, considering how I hadn't even heard from him since Thursday and had no way of knowing if he was still planning on going to homecoming. But mostly, I was really ticked off because he showed up in a red shirt (my dress was teal-ish and black) and Kanye West-esque shutter shades. And he said I looked "really nice". Nice! No. I did my makeup for him!pics 006 Awkwardness continued after we showed up to the dance. I started dancing with my group of friends, using my signature dance move, the "sort of shuffle feet, move hips and shoulders, and occasionally tuck hair back/ put hands up while looking downward". I was having a really good time of just being stupid with my friends, and was actually pretty relieved that C was, *ahem*, dancing with other girls. But of course since he was my date I had to dance with him a few times. Well actually, it was more like C would take a break from dancing with someone else, then show up behind me and trap me in the crowd so I couldn’t do anything else but dance with him. He did ask me to slow dance with him too; I wanted to die. I couldn’t even look him in the face and he stepped on my feet approximately 342098563607078543 times. Longest three minutes of my life!

The dance ended around eleven and C left without saying goodbye to me. Then I went back to Syd’s for the highlight of my night: Helping Syd eat the chocolates that her date, who also turned out to be an idiot, brought 014 Nom nom. We decided that neither of us are going to think of boys anymore. They’re a big hassle and are really not worth it. I think, even though a few posts ago I gushed about C like a 12 year old with her first crush, I never really liked him. I just hadn’t shown an interest in guys for a while, and it made me happy to tell my friends that I might like C and hear their positive reactions. So really, I didn’t like C, I liked the idea of liking someone.

Even though I’m going to try and erase last night from my memory, comments telling me of your dates gone wrong would be much appreciated :]


  1. Aahh don't worry about it, boys are boys right..the worst thing that I hate is when you go out on a date and like kind of "hint" something and there all so completly oblivious to it! It's like why bother!? ha
    I love the colour of your dress it looks really pretty, and those chocolates yummm.
    By the way, that doodle on my page - it's not my doodle! it an icon i got off livejournal :/ that would be cool if i DID draw it?
    hmm maybe i should draw something to go there instead

    so yeah feel free to take it :)

  2. Seriously that sounds like an awesome night due to just the chocolates! Actually I have a box of chocolates next to me and I think I'm going to eat them even though it's 11 AM. And from what I can see you looked great!

    "sort of shuffle feet, move hips and shoulders, and occasionally tuck hair back/ put hands up while looking downward" That's my dance move too, minus the "put hands up while looking downward" lol.

  3. hahaha high school dances are always incredible awkward, well for me at least! but it's good to just let go and have fun :)