Saturday, October 10, 2009


As promised, I made my fort last night! I basically rounded up random stuff, some with sentimental value and some without, and hung it in between two sheets over my bed. It took forever but I think it was so worth it.

I guess technically, this is more of a tent than a fort. But it serves the same purpose. I stayed up late last night, listening to Eisley and Beirut, and reading The Secret Life of Houdini, and just thinking. I was tired, but didn't want to fall asleep because I didn't want to lose that feeling of being safe in my little hideaway. My corner of the universe. I spent my whole morning there too. My parents don't understand why, but I think I'll leave it up for a while longer. I like thinking that everything I need to escape from the world for a little while can fit between two sheets and a wall.

x Kiki


  1. thankyou for the lovely lovelyy comment
    yay your fort is done! and every cosy it looks indeed, yes I like the fact that it seems like somewhere to escape from the scary world for a while


  2. That looks so warm and cozy. I wish I had the time to chill out, slow down, and unwind like that. Sigh.


  3. I love making forts. I remember making them with my sister when we were little(r) to hide from the thunder and lightning when it was raining. I like yours!

  4. thanks so much for following and for your lovely comment :] Ill follow you too!
    your fort is awesome...I can totally see the appeal of hiding away reading once in a while. (I occasionally like to hide under my bed :D) xxxx

  5. I would love a fort!! or a four poster bed with sheer curtains round it so i could close myself in and hideaway from the world :) xx