Friday, October 16, 2009

let the wild rumpus start!


Back when I first started seeing trailers for this movie, maybe around May? I was kind of disappointed because too many of my favorite books have been ruined in movie form. But as I've learned more about it, I've decided that it's totally impossible for this movie not to be amazing like everyone is anticipating it's going to be. For one, it's produced by Spike Jonze. Someone with such an awesome name will obvious make an awesome movie. And, Maurice Sendak, the author of the book, was consulted tons while the movie was being shot and says that it's more than he could ever dream of. AND, Max Records, who plays Max, is adorable. AND, the soundtrack was writen by Karen O.

I'm so happy I could cry. I hope I get a chance to see this at some point this weekend, preferable tonight. Now I'm going to go eat yummy Lebanese food and then get told how much worse my eyes have gotten in a year.


  1. Aahh this actually looks worth a watch, and this weekend I can't wait to see UP! the pixar animation film..It's only just been realeasd in England!
    Lebanese food...mmmm :)

  2. omg omg I actually want to see this sooo baad!

  3. I loved that book when I was little! It's cool that they finally made a film out of it.