Sunday, October 4, 2009

fall snapshots

The weather in Maryland has been pretty bipolar since autumn started a few weeks ago- either ridiculously hot and humid, or freezing cold and rainy. It was perfect out this weekend though, the way fall is supposed to be, which got me in the mood for taking lots of pictures.

Baking pumpkin scones

Eating said scones with chamomile

Apple picking!

Random package from my grandma. warm cardigan, and creepy/cute bunny pin?

Farmer's market

Daddio's birthday (I was sooo proud of myself for that decorating job)

Ohhhh how I love fall. I hope this weather lasts until my birthday in a few weeks. I'm thinking I want to take a few of my friends camping. Have a campfire, eat s'mores, sleep (or not) in a tent, all that jazz.

x Kiki


  1. Weather is bipolar everywhere. Period.


  2. You post such pretty pictures!
    Keep posting, love :)


  3. I loveee those photos you took! They're so adorable and have completely put me in the mood for Autumn

  4. Fall is my favorite season too. Pumpkin scones sound perfect right now.

  5. OOOOH October! everything looks great love it!

  6. the scones look delicious and you appear to have wicked wicked cake decorating skills!

  7. FAR NIENTE! that's wine! i have tons of those wooden boxes all over my house.