Monday, March 8, 2010

if everything was everything but everything was over

So confession time. I LOVE LADY GAGA! She’s really honest and determined unlike almost everyone else in the music industry. She does and wears what she wants and doesn’t care how many people call her a freak- I think it’s so admirable to be that confident. She worked really hard to accomplish what she has and that shows how great of an artist she is.

On Sunday my best friend Syd and I put together a little tribute to LG in the form of cookies, which I first got the idea from here. The ones we came up with weren’t nearly as awesome as those, but it was really fun to decorate them while listening to The Fame and they were delicious too. Here are our results:pics 003   gaga1pics 011







 pics 012gaga2












pics 016 (then we got lazy and just slapped frosting on randomly)

pics 021

Tehehe. Must make more celebrity inspired cookies soon.


  1. hahah that is awesome i want to eat one!! omg im to her concert this weekend I'm so excited!

  2. oh what a sweet idea :)
    and i must admit, that although i don't particularly enjoy her music itself - she is very admirable & how i wish i could be equally confident!

  3. Wow, I love your Lady Gaga cookies!

  4. Hello there. Do I know you;) what delicious avant garde cookies you have there...haha!

  5. Oh man! I love love love the Bad Romance one! Great idea, very cute :]

  6. cute cookies!!!

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