Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So I’m out of that funk (ugh I hate that word, why did I say it?) that was going on a couple days ago. I spent some time with my friends, which made me feel better like it ALWAYS does. I’m silly; I should stop putting myself in bad moods in the first place. Hm. Anyway, since I’ve been feeling better, I’ve made three new hair clips!pics 033pics 043 Headband with ribbon rose and double bows, crocheted bow, and failed yoyo bead ---> flower-ish thing clip.pics 051

What I’m about to tell you is super mega in the works, but… I’m thinking of starting an Etsy shop! I’ve been slowing building up my hair clip arsenal so I’ll have enough to open a shop by summer, maybe. But I don’t like these ones all that much actually, so they won’t be going in! Based on the types of clips I’m capable of making (like the ones here and here), do any of you have requests for clips/headbands/etc. that you’d like to see in the shop?

And hm, other good things about these past few days:

  • Acing a government quiz I thought I’d fail
  • going out with Dee to eat pancakes, fruit salad and chocolate cake for dinner
  • deciding that when I grow up, I am going to live in France/French-speaking Canada so I can name my children Clementine, Joanie, and Oliver (but you have to say it like ole-iv-ee-yay!)

Splendiferous. Later alligators.


  1. pretty clips and headband!
    maybe you could make a vintage floral headband with a giant flower on it or a houndstooth print headhand with a contrast of plaid.

  2. wow i think those hair accessories are actually really good!! i'd wear all of 'em! xx

  3. Love that crocheted clip! Acing quizzes is such a good feeling C:

  4. i love acing tests that I thought id fail too, well done! and yes ETSY SHOP FTW
    them hairclips are beautiful id deffo go and check it out when its open!
    Aand sorry for not commenting lately, been v.v. busyy (:
    speak to you soon kikiii

  5. pretty hair things :)

    glad your feeling better x

  6. If possible, would you be able to make a woven rubix cube, head piece haha:) but seriously, you would be so capable of it. I'm so glad you've gotten out of your funk and I can feel you're excited- I am too.

    btw, I like the word "funk" now. You used it with the right amount of panache. haha:)

    Okay. I'm going now...