Sunday, December 6, 2009

ribbons and bows

I like my hair, most of the time. It's a nice chocolate brown color, with big soft waves. And it's shiny. It won't straighten without getting fried, or get blown dry without frizzing, but it puts up with being twisted, braided and pulled back with one of my many clips or headbands almost every day. Thanks hair!

Part of my collection (I'm rather disturbed that I can't remember where I put the other part when I was painting my room):

My rule for hair accessories goes like this: If it's anything you can stick in your hair (but it's not actually sticky), there is a 99.9% chance that I'll love it. For example, today I'm wearing a paper crane clip.
I used to be really self conscious about wearing things like that in public, I thought people would judge me. But now I've gotten over it, because I always get complimented by random cashiers and grandmothers and women walking their dogs (true story).

Hope you've all been enjoying your weekends and such. I think I shall go play in the snow now!


  1. Loving the paper crane! Super sweet. Your collection is pretty nice, my hair is about the same. It's the type that can manage being twisted and braided but doesn't like being blow dried or ironed and has a mind of its own.


  2. Wow, the paper crane is gorgeous and so unique

  3. I'm loving the paper crane! And yeah my hair is exactly the same way so I usually just spring for whichever headband I can find.

  4. I can never find any cool places to get accessories in Fleet (aka boringsville), all we have is a Claires and their stuff isn't always that original!

    Paper crane = height of cuteness!

  5. Your hair is beautiful, I wish my hair is brown! Haha. And nice collection of hair accessories :D