Saturday, December 19, 2009

let it snow let it snow

Bonjour. Sorry for extreme lack of posting/commenting lately. This past week was really draining school-wise and I just wasn't feeling too creative. But! Today I'm in a really good mood because, as I'm writing this in my bed, it's a snowin outside! Snows days are preferable on weekdays, yes, but they're still so cozy on weekends too. My parents don't like to drive when there's snow on the roads, so I'm going to stay home all weekend. My to do list:
  1. have a baking extravaganza with my mom and sister to make yummy gifts
  2. make a tumblr
  3. study for AP government test (hahahahahahahahaha)
  4. craft some new hair clips
  5. build a snowman
  6. drink hot cocoa with a candy cane straw
  7. listen to Christmas carols nonstop
  8. practice my origami
We might get up to two feet and it's supposed to "thunder snow" later today. Very curious to see what that's like.


  1. drink hot cocoa with a candy cane straw
    GO FOR IT :)

    and what a coinsedence, i was just talking about orgami with someone from work :O
    my friend can make a pretty orgami bird :)

  2. Ah, it snowed where I live too.

    Yay for you making a tumblr! I have one as well :)

  3. AP government? ahh, tumblr is so confusing! but I swear it's basically the same as blogger ... ? xo

  4. I'm taking AP government next year....cannot wait, actually no I can. Those weekend plans sound like fun!

  5. Oooer love you things to do, wish I could do the same, but living here in Australia, it's far to hot.

    I think I will use your suggestion and take a break.

    Have a lovely christmas

  6. snow makes everything look so serene. Love it

  7. it so beautifull photo shoot... i luv it...

  8. weekly installments of trixies life story sounds like a good idea!
    i was thinking that before but i hope people dont find it boring, you have a good day yourselffff :D
    what time is it there? I always like to know the time different between countries aah

  9. ahh your right :) its 13:25 here
    in other words 1:25pm
    so yeah pretty much 5 hours
    i find that SO COOOOOOOL