Saturday, December 5, 2009

formspring answers

So I thought I'd reply to a few of the formspring submissions I've gotten so far. They're great.

you don't talk about kaleidoscopes much

Yeah, yeah I do actually. The kaleidoscope part of my blog name doesn't really mean the toy, it means more like my colorful, ever-changing interests, ideas, inspiration, etc. Get it now?

Will you see new moon with me?
If you are Sydney, then yes we can go tonight because I love you and we can get crepes afterward. If you're not, no sorry, I'm not enthusiastic enough about it to go to see it with just anyone.

I need to hear a new band!
Ummm well I don't know how similar your tastes are to mine. But I'll just say PSAPP. Even though they're not a 'new' band they're new to me, and the album Tiger, My Friend puts me in a happy, dream like state..

Do you like poetry? I hate it
Well, I don't like poetry enough to go looking for good poems. If I come across a poem I like, in school or online or whatever, I'm not going to lie and say I hate it just because I don't LOVE poetry in general. This excludes ee cumming's poems though, I love all of those.

do your parents really speak so many languages?
Haha yes they do! Both of them were born and raised in the US but are just really interested in and good at language. They actually met at Russian language school. My mom speaks French, Russian, Cerbocroatian (not lying, I swear) and is learning Spanish. And my dad just speaks Russian and is sort of half-fluent in Greek, he's forgotten a lot.

Keep the questions coming (here), I love reading them!

Also, snow is wonderful.
Yay! Happy Saturday!


  1. You're in Sydney?!?
    Haha, how awesome! I am too :)
    I can totally relate to you on the poem question.

  2. you've got such an interesting background! there's still snow in Sydney?

  3. Haha, you guys! I don't live in Sydney. My best friend is named Sydney, and since I know she reads my blog, I was saying that I would go see new moon with her. Sorry for the confusion!