Thursday, December 24, 2009

advent calendar adventures!

Hi blog land, merry Christmas eve! Today's post is going to be about the advent calendar that my sister and I share. Each part of it was handmade by my grandfather, down to the tiny little ornaments and shingles. He gave it to us about eight years ago, I think, back when he didn't have arthritic hands and wasn't as.. up tight, as he is now. I shouldn't have waited until the 24th for this post, since this advent calendar is one of my favorite parts of Christmas and has a lot of memories behind it.

Most of the time my mom fills the drawers with your typical Christmas chocolates and mints, but on some days she puts little notes in them that give clues as to where our treats are hiding. Today I got a note which said, "Could Ponce de Leon have been right? Let's go see..." So that left me thinking, What? Who? Who is Ponce de Leon? But then I remembered that a couple years ago when we went to Florida, we learned that de Leon was this Spanish guy who founded Florida while looking for The Fountain of Youth. My mom and I refused to buy a bottle of water that was supposedly from the fountain at the gift shop; instead we were rebels and bottled our own directly from the fountain. And under the bottle is where I found...

My next clue! It said, "It's a little too squishy under here. I think I'll go check out the radiant horologe instead. Look down to find me." This meant I actually had to get out a dictionary to find out that a horologe is a time keeping device. Which led me to this atrocious sun clock left over from when my dad was in college.

Underneath the clock is where I found my last clue, which said, "You know, I'm really in the mood for some tubers. Let me check out their usual stoarage area. I'll be lurking in the dark, waiting for you." And I knew that tubers = root vegetables, so look what was waiting for me in the sweet potatoes!
Haha. I love my mumma.

I seriously doubt that I'll be posting tomorrow, I want to spend the day with my family and not the computer. Wishing you all very merry Christmases, hope Santa gives you lots of surprises!


  1. haha your mom sounds great! It reminds me of my little sister, every year for my birthday she makes me a scavenger hunt to lead my to my present. Happy holidays xx

  2. haha that sounds like fun! as a kid i always wanted an advent calandar- 24 presents, oh my! happy holidays :)

  3. haha that sounds like fun, woah there is a fountin of youth?? wowzer !! and your one lucky thing your treat is awesome, hope you had a great christmas xxx