Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Yeahhh you guys, it's that time again! That time being Wednesday. Meaning that this post is Word of the Week on Wednesday. This week's word is...

TINTINNABULATION- tin·tin·nab·u·la·tion. n.
1. the ringing or sound of bells
2. a jingling or tinkling sound as if of bells

I don't even know where I heard/read this word, it's just been floating around in my head for the longest time and I love it! It's so fun to say and fits perfectly in the whole Christmas theme. As in, "The tintinnabulation of the keys in my pocket reminds me of the bells on Santa's sleigh that will be flying over my house in only two days!"

So yay. Hope you've all been feeling the Christmas spirit and eating lots of gingerbread!


  1. omg thats an awesome word thats gona be my word of the week haha! hope you have a lovely christmas

  2. love all the bells, very christmassy :)
    merry christmas!

  3. I love that word!
    Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas xxx

  4. oh it looks so lovely

    i wish you a merry christmas

  5. I love WOWW, maybe it'll help my SAT score? Lovely pictures. Merry Christmas!

  6. I love the word of the week! Merry Christmas to you!