Saturday, December 26, 2009

the day after

Afternoon dears, hope you all had spectacular Christmases. I definitely did! It was nice to see everyone in my family so happy. Even my cat shared the looove by sitting on my lap, for the first time ever!
Also, my father is a dork who enjoys wearing Christmas light necklaces.

After opening presents we basically just cooked all morning and afternoon until dinner was ready. Lots of baked squash and gingerbread cake were eaten. Then we got to play with our presents! I didn't get that many this year because I didn't ask for that many, which is fine by me. But a few of my favorites are:

Wii Fit!
It's so fun and addicting, even if it's a bit rude sometimes. It said my fitness age was 36, not nice!

Sealing wax.
Am I the only person who thinks that this is the coolest thing ever? So antique and nostalgic. I'm bringing back the art of letter writing.

This skirt!
As I said before, I couldn't really think of much I wanted this year, so I just gave my mom the link to my Etsy favorites page. She picked out this skirt and another necklace, excellent choices. The color combination on the skirt is sooo perfect, she knows me well!

Now I'm left with that sinking feeling I get every year after Christmas is over, so I'm trying to stay distracted. If any of you want to tell me how your Christmases went that would be great, I'd love to read them!


  1. Oh my gosh, your skirt is so amazing and funky! Looks like you had a nice Christmas.

    I had a lovely Christmas, and at night my family and I watched British tv shows together.

  2. sealing wax. yes mate.
    cute skirt! and aaah have you experienced Wii Fit Plus?! Erin (you know... of Erin's Tea Party) and I and another friend were trying to get to the Super Advanced Level of OBSTACLE COURSE, it's so addictive and hilarious!!
    Thanks for your comment BTW, gingerbread strudel eh? My mum and I (OMG I just typed MOM.. woah your blog is so influential hahaha) made a gingerbread house coated in sweets and everything! xo

  3. Mclovin the skirt! The colors are great. Glad to see you enjoyed your holiday!

  4. Love the skirt and so jealous of the sealing wax!

  5. That skirt is to die for. I love it all! xxx
    Check out my blog here:

    xx Camilla

  6. Glad you had fun dear ! Your dad is so funny haha ! And awesome presents ! Love the skirt , so beautiful ! :)

  7. Lovely skirt. & one of my new year's resolutions is to write more letters! Sealing wax has such an amazing, antique feel to it.