Monday, December 7, 2009


The last phone conversation I had with my grandfather went something like this:

Grandad: So Caroline, I've been cleaning out my attic these days.
Me: Oh. Why?
Grandad: Well I'll be dead soon you know and...
Grandad: Ah ah, I'll be dead soon you know and I want to decide who I'm giving my belongings to so they're less of a burden later.
Me: ...Okay?
Grandad: So I'm going to send you a package of something I found up there that might help you with school.
Me: A Christmas present?
Grandad: No, don't wait until Christmas to open it, you'll probably be disappointed anyway.
Me: Um. Cool!

So yes that was rather a troubling conversation, but then again pretty much all my conversations with him sound like that. The box came for me in the mail today, and from my grandad's description I was expecting like, you know, an encyclopedia or something?

Wrong! It's a 1980 Canon AE-1! I was so excited when I opened the box that I just twirled around in circles. I know it's not the greatest camera ever, but it's in really good condition and is perfect for me because I'm still a beginner. And my photography class at school only has five cameras to loan out to twenty five students, so now I don't have to wait to take pictures until I can borrow a camera. Hooray! What a nice Monday.

Note to self: Send grandfather a really nice thank you note.


  1. ahh wow!! congrats - that's soooo cool! I can feel your excitement, haha! Man, why can't that happen to me?! You do Photography too? Awesome! Did you choose that, or do you not get to choose subjects or... what? I dunno, I don't know much about the American school system hehe! xo

  2. Those old cameras are so charming. Lucky girl!

  3. oh wow! you lucky duck, i hear that AEs are really good. one of my friends has a current model one and he is in love with it. snail mail is the best thing ever.

  4. Oh eh, that is a lovely monday! What a nice camera it looks very vintage, and everyone loves vintage right?
    turns out my grandad passed away last week
    so this post brought back me memories!
    But in a good way don't worry :P
    Touching postttt

  5. Lucky you, your granda is rather awesome, you do photography??? samage, I bet it's pretty different to the british photography classes we have here where I live. xxx

  6. Oh you are so lucky! It must take beautiful photos!