Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The one with Odysseus and stuff

So in my English class, we're reading the Odyssey (which I actually don't hate!) and were assigned to make a visual representation of one of the books. My friends and I chose to make a movie out of Book 22, Slaughter in the Hall. We actually planned for it to turn out really professionally, but we didn't take into account how hard it is to memorize a script and play thirty characters with five actors. And film everything within four hours. And not leave out any really important scenes. And not die from laughter in the middle of filming.

Now that I've set your expectations so high, enjoy! Oh and just something to keep in mind to help keep characters straight: Most of the time, the suitors have black beards/staches and Odysseus's side has brown. Except for Odysseus, who always has black. Yeah.

Hahaha I swear I don't sound like that normally. I am such a horrible actress! But at least we did a good job on those outtakes!


  1. HHahaha :") I LOVE all your accents, so coool.
    Mine is just a proper english accent

  2. You are so cute, I'm in love with your accent.

  3. ...yes, I do have my own wheels, it's the red, de-funct, hand-me-down of my dreams. haha:)

    Looks ike ou had a lot of fun making this! and you know, I don't hate Greek mythology that much too;)

  4. Your accent's so cute :)

    Should check out my blog

    I would realy appreciate it :)


  5. haha moostache studios, love it! you guys are too cute, with your accent and all :)