Sunday, March 21, 2010

spring has sprung!

I think I already mentioned on here that I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, and that’s partly because when it’s so cold, dreary, and gray outside, I find it really hard to be hopeful. But spring on the other hand is a time for change and renewal, when all the pretty colors start to show again and the sun stays out for longer. So I thought it would be a nice idea to use my positive energy to make some spring goals. Nothing huge or life changing, but things I can realistically accomplish that will make me feel better about myself. So they are:

1.) Write some letters to far away places
2.) Have a successful garden (yesterday we planted swiss chard and peas!).
3.) Wear a lot of sundresses.
4.) Run at least three times a week.
5.) Take the metro to D.C. without my parents.
6.) Bake macaroons.
7.) Read at least 2 books per month.
8.) Open an Etsy shop.
9.) Go vegan for a day, or maybe a week.
10.) Improve my Spanish accent.
11.) Get a haircut. And not the "just a trim" type.

Do you have any spring goals you'd like to share?


  1. Spring goals feels much more appropriate. I shall have to think up some myself. Something fresh and new to go with all the blooming new life.

  2. love this! good spring goals! and the last picture is sooo pretty! I'm going into to winter so yea I'm not really feeling the spring spirit haha

  3. do tell how going vegan turns out for ya!
    and theres no spring here, so i guess there are no spring goals either... but i have goals for the summer, i guess that counts :D
    i want to take up fencing, tada!!!

  4. It's autumn here but I also want to run, get a haircut and wear sundresses...wah have fun with it all!

    lovelovelove, Stace x

  5. Spring goals? haha, sounds perfect and I hope you achieve them all! I might just have to take on a few of these things;) especially gardening, I always thought that was a really wonderful way to spend time but with autumn here in Aus everythings slowly turning orange- not that I'm complaining.

  6. Oh... my goal is to better my blog, as always! :)

    Where is that last photo (bike/boater hat) from?! I love, love it!

    Aya ( Strawberry Koi Blog )

  7. What a lovely list. Good luck to you so that you can accomplish them all!

  8. I think I need some spring goals for when I go back to Uni next week. Get myself organised, spring clean. I love your goal 'improve my spanish accent'. I need to too!

  9. thats really cool :) i really want to start writing letters to people aswell :) gem xx