Tuesday, January 19, 2010

clip clop

So a couple weeks (months? can't keep track of how fast things are moving) ago, I mentioned by hair accessory obsession. Today I added to my collection with three new clips!

1.) Scrap fabric bow, made of a pretty peacock pattern

2.) Babuska doll! Who shall be called Olia.

3.) My personal favorite- origami fish! Made out of an old map.

Sorry for the not so wordy post, I'm on a final studying schedule and just wanted to quickly share! Hope all of you are having splendid weeks.

P.S. After the last post a couple people asked me how I figured out how to edit my photos by changing around the html of my post.. I'm no expert, I googled to find what I needed. But I'd be happy to explain a few tricks in layman's terms for anyone interested- just email me at kaleidoscopekiki@gmail.com.


  1. the babuska doll is genius
    love love love this

  2. these are amazing! I love the babuska doll and the origami one! ah!

    lovelove, M.

  3. Clever hair pieces! I love the origami one.

  4. ohmygod those are all so cute and creative! following your blog too :)

  5. Wow these are amazing, especially the origami fish!

  6. HIIIIIIIIIIII! :DDDDDDD!!!! it's meeee!!!!!!!!! i still have no header but i dont care anymore. hi babez!!! i love your headbands they are so cute!!! i am currently sporting a navy blue ribbon threaded through some gold chain.
    yours sincerely,
    your no.1 blog stalker fan.
    love you :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. OMG, those pieces are so individualized! I loved them all!

  8. wow tres chic hair pins :) loving your blog and I love this post :) !