Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hm so I am just going to talk about how happy I am, because I know it's not meaningful or artistic or whatever but I've had a really nice couple of days. So read it or not, I just like this mood I'm in. Yesterday school wise was really good, a new semester just started and I have all my favorite teachers again! And then at lunch Pablo was talking about how it must be rather painful to get a hickey and was giving one to his arm when our principal walked by our table then stopped to stare in awe. Then I laughed so hard I knocked over an open bottle of water and Amber was so surprised she sort of tossed her yogurt into the air. We must have looked insane but it's okay.

Thennn after school I had ballet! And we had a new girl who has just moved here from BELGIUM! I get the idea that her parents are ambassadors or something and she only knows a couple English phrases/questions. I used my very limited knowledge of French to find out that she's 13 and will be staying in the US for eight months. Oh, and her name is Clementine, which is so fabulous I can't even put it into words. She's so sweet and tiny and adorable, I wanted to adopt her. She's really brave too- if I moved to Belgium I sure as hell would not be taking a ballet class in a language I didn't understand! It's my goal to learn more French over the next few weeks so I can actually have a decent conversation with her.

After ballet I was supposed to go to my school's talent show, but it was canceled for reasons I'm not even sure of. But my best friend Syd slept over, which was lovely because she hasn't done that in soooo long. We watched Glee (which I must admit I'm obsessed with now) and Fantasia, ate vegan s'mores, got way too competitive playing Wii Fit, and talked and figured a lot of things out. And came up with the phrases, "You make me feel like a woodchuck!" and "BFF's R us. NO NO NO BFF's is we!" Oh yes and in the morning we made nutella and banana crepes. We're pretty awesome, yes.

Today it snowed, such beautiful snow! Maybe four inches. It took forever to get the roads plowed but I didn't mind because it gave me an excuse to stay inside all day. I decided to bake since I love how cozy and warm my kitchen gets in the winter. Perfect snow day activity. I made chocolate sandwich cookies (which are technically called "whoopie pies" but that's a disgusting name I refuse to use) and would be happy to share the recipe if anyone is interested. They were divine.
Hope you're all having nice weekends as well!


  1. Glad you're having a great weekend. Isn't fresh snowfall the best?! (Okay. Well, I'm kind of getting sick of it at this point. But anyways, that's because it's been snowy for 01923810923 months straight. But I hope it's great for you!) And those "whoopie pies" look delicious! Haha.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad I wasn't the only one who found UP scary ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, those whoopie cakes look so delicious. /drooling :O

  3. I have no idea what whoopie cakes are (clearly the UK is missing out) but they look divine.

    I love this post, hurrah for happy xx

  4. I WANT SNOW! :( :( and you sound like youre having the time of your life! mmmm nutella & banana crepes sound delish, and those chocolate sandwhich cookies (yeah whoopies is a weird name) looks so yummmm

    oh and thanks for your lovely comment :)

  5. it#s nice you're having a great time --
    and Belgium's an awesome place. haha!
    and i dunno what whoppie cakes are,either :P

  6. I love that you love your life right now:) Haha, the only french I know is from the Art vs Science song "Parlez vous Francais". The results weren't the best.

  7. Please share the recipe! My sister loves to try new recipes :)