Monday, January 25, 2010

the positives of negatives

The other day I was inspired by Camille’s post about starting to use film cameras more than digital ones. It really made me think about how much our lives are dominated by technology- we’re so used to just clicking a mouse and finding thousands of pictures from all across the web. And with so many out there, can they really be genuine? Maybe a few are, but the majority are just forgotten in an overcrowded hard drive or deleted. On the other hand, I think all printed photos are charming, even if they’re not so high quality or “artistic”. I would much rather be given a photo that someone had snapped on a film camera, then taken the care to develop and print it on that beautiful glossy paper than just be.. tagged in a Facebook album!

So I’m going to start using film cameras and printing my photos a lot more. I have my grandfather’s old Canon, and now he’s sent me a Pentax Superprogram that is even better (yes I do feel rather unworthy). Plus I still have the old point and shoot I used as a kid. From now on, I’ll bring one everywhere so I don’t miss any important moments that I want to keep forever.

And okay fine, I must admit that I wouldn’t mind one of these Dianas!lomo

Using film might take more effort and money than digital, but I think it’ll be worth it years from now when all of my most special memories are still saved on paper, ready for reminiscing on or sharing. Just my thoughts. Anyone want to join me?


  1. I just got the diana dreamer and I love it so much! get a diana if you can, they are so fun!

    lovelove, M.

  2. beautiful idea!! my brothers girlfriend leant me her diana about 6 months ago and i only snapped 1 film but it was the most fun EVER! get one if you can - just kind of expensive for films, processing, etc :(
    i will join you though, need to take my film cameras out morexxxxxxx p.s. your video is still on my to do list, but my hair remains a mess, and i refuse to let you see me again until it is neat and tidy.
    smoochies xxxx

  3. i guess that why they call them phobias, they may never come true, but they are just there.

    i would lvoe to use film, but i don't have the money to keep up such an expensive hobby, maybe when i'm older. have fun though, i can't wait to see the pictures.

    xx Felicity.

  4. I keep meaning to by one of them, but yes like you said they are pretty expensiveeeee! however, i agree with the fact thatll itll be worth it in years to come


  5. That's such a cute camera. I have an itty bitty one that I found on eBay for about 5 bucks. Just finished the role of film, but have yet to have it developed unfortunately!

  6. I get what you're saying...I took digital photo this past semester, and we only got to print like 3 of our works. There's something nice about having a solid, strong backed photo. And that Diana camera is pretty boss, we tried using one of those cameras in class, none of the pictures really came out though.

  7. omg i want that camera!! very good post!! long live film cameras

  8. I just developed by first roll of film this year yay! Let's be analogue sisters haha:)