Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emily Browning

em5 em1

"I'm not going to do a pop album anytime soon. I'm not going to dye my hair blonde and wear pink mini-skirts."

I've liked EB since I saw her in the Series of Unfortunate Events movie like.. five years ago? She's really pretty in a non-Hollywood way and seems quite down to earth. I hope she's in more movies soon. em2

P.S. I figured out how to edit my html to do fun photo resizing/placement, can you tell?


  1. I love her too :) the costumes in SOUE are amazing! memories *sniff* xxx

  2. yesss same! i devoured SOUE, I was in love with it - she was the perfect actress for Violet. How'd you find out the HTML tricks then eh? xx

  3. oh wowzer I haven't seen her since a series of unfortunate events, I love her, she was soo awesome in it, I love the way her hair was done , I hope she does another movie soon xxx

  4. ...yes I can tell;)

    I really like Emily Browning too and I really like that movie despise what everyone around me says- hooray for good taste! I'm going make some movies stills on a Series of Unfortunate Events now.