Monday, January 11, 2010

blast from the past

So on the first day of sixth grade (when I was almost eleven, for you non-Americans), every kid had to fill out this "time capsule" questionare about our interests, friends, family, etc. Then the teachers stored them for us until we were done with eighth grade (age thirteen) so we could see how much we'd changed. When I first got my questionare back I kind of just shrugged it off, but I've just found it again two years later and think it's hilarious! Seriously there were tears rolling down my face after reading some of these. And I just wanted to share, hope it makes someone smile. I'm going to try and keep as many of the original spelling errors as possible!

Name: Caroline
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Chinese
Favorite movie/TV star: Hilary Duff
Favorite music group/singer: Carrie Underwood
Best friend: Lynn
Favorite store: Limited Too
When I grow up I want to be a(n): geologist or interior designer

What are your most cherished possesions and why?
- My cat because I got more responsibilitys when I got her
- My ballet slippers because they show that I can dance with grace
- My cello because it's great to play an instrument

I get angry when: my family ignores me
My idea of a good time is: when I'm with my friends and time fly because I'm having fun
I wish my parents knew: I'm mad at them for making me move
I hope I'll never: be held back in school
If I had one wish, it would be for: a chance to sing with Carrie Underwood
I often worry about: people talking about me behind my back
I wish people wouldn't: hurt animals
When I finish high school: I want to get a full ride college scholarship

My best friends would say that... I'm shy when meeting new people but when I'm with my friends, I braver.
The most important thing in my life is... to try to do my best so I can strive.

Hahaha, "so I can strive"? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Obviously times have changed a lot (I promise I'm not obsessed with Carrie Underwood anymore). But some things have stayed exactly the same over five years. Overall I'm just happy I got a little chance to reminisce!

Now question for you: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?


  1. Aw, that's adorable!! HAHA "- My cat because I got more responsibilitys when I got her" LOL! shows how much of a cool kid you are NOW!! and Kiki m'dear.. where have you BEEN?! haha, clearly you have a LIFE now... :D hmm, when I was four I said I wanted to be a builder when I grew up! My mum's never let me forget it!! xo

  2. awww lil baby Kiks <3

    I too was obsessed with Limited Too =) Haha

  3. You cutie, you. Nawww... I love finding stuff like this. When I was younger I wanted to be an archaeologist and plastic surgeon- a bit's changed since then.

    btw, you're a cellist? That's hot!

  4. I wanted to be a dog-breeding artist-author. woohoo! I love these type of things :) xxx

  5. Hilary Duff! ahah I was like the exact dam at that age although I probably would have said Avril Lavigne

  6. hahah this made me laugh, i wish i did something like that when i was in the 6th grade.

  7. ahahha awww, so cute!
    Wow you did seem like you had an unhealthy obsession with carrie underwood haha, and yes kiki you can STRIVEEEEE to do your best :P

    When I was little I wanted to be a lot of things firstly a shopkeeper (what such ambition) then an illustrator which is kinda what id like to do now tbh!
    oh ONE point a police officer ;)
    oh please id get killed!

    Sorry not been commenting much, been ultraa busyy with thingss!

    Talk soon

  8. haha, aww this is so cute ,you've made my day xxx