Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hi hi, got home from Nebraska very late last night and am still not entirely coherent. Meaning it's list time! Things I did in Nebraska:

1.) Ate lots of chocolate chip cookies
2.) Got thoroughly creeped out by this doll in my bedroom
3.) Tried very very hard to avoid drama with grandparents by not replying to controversial topics and smiling at their backhanded compliments
4.) Stopped trying to avoid drama with grandparents when they referred to one man as "that Mexican" and another as "a negro". And oh yes also when they said Kiki was a childish name.
5.) Read two novels
6.) Felt as if my brain was melting from boredom and lack of activity
7.) Witnessed sub-zero temperatures for about three minutes to show the vibrant social scene of the town
8.) Slept a total of 25 hours in 6 days

And now that I'm home, I'm going to:
1.) Make a bunch of hairbows
2.) Watch Matilda
3.) Bake cupcakes
4.) Not think about school tomorrow



  1. glad to have you home daughter =)

  2. i know, family gatherings are so stressful. but matilda solves all sorts of problems!

  3. Can't wait to see your hair bows and cupcakes! It seems we have a lot in common :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, it means a lot to me!

  4. :O KIKI IS NOT A CHILDISH NAAAMEEE!! How very dare they!! Lols, loving the pic - that doll would scare me too! I totally empathize!!
    Matilda. Legend.
    Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs FF I, Mrs C Mrs U Mrs LTY!!
    "Who are all these women and why are they all married?!!"


  5. Wow, sounds like a testing trip in many ways!

    Can't wait to see your cupcakes :)