Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Afternoon children, today's Word of the Week on Wednesday is...

IDYLLIC- i·dyl·lic. adj.
1. suitable for or suggestive of an idyll, charmingly simple or rustic
2. simple and carefree

I guess this word isn't too uncommon, but I just love it! Just hearing it makes me feel calm and tranquil. Today after my chemistry test, I wasn't allowed to talk or leave my seat until everyone else finished so I made a list of things I think are idyllic on my calculator! I could say that in real life I'm not as much of a loser as I seem to be on this blog, but that would be lying so..

1. Port Clyde, Maine

2. Spending winter mornings in my wool socks eating oatmeal

3. Mint anything, especially tea idyllic

4. This song, which makes me feel like I am in stuck in a log cabin after a snowstorm in Wisconsin

5. The northern lights (which I haven't seen yet but am going to at some point!)idyllic2
6. Scones
7. Bicycles with baskets idyllic4
Anything you'd like to add?

I am really really tired. I feel boring. I want summer. Or an adventure. Mrawrawrawrawrawr.


  1. Love these, all of them! :-)

    Bon Iver is soooo good!
    Cute blog lady!

  2. speaking of northern lights....I read an article about the Aurora on Yahoo today that reestablished my goal of visiting canada/Norway to see them before I die! Lovely list :3

  3. What a genius idea of doing word for the day!

  4. oh bon iver <3
    when you said you made a list on your calculator, at first i thought you wrote it all out in numbers (like when you write 07734 and turn it upside down and it says hello) and i was like SH! this girl is intelligent.. and then i realized that would have been physically impossible and you must have literally written a list, on your calculator. anyway end of this silly story.
    by the way i am also saddened that you weren't my first follower, i have no idea who that guy is that's following me, it's all a bit perculiar.
    i'm half way to giving up on your video and just writing you a long message because my mother is ill in bed with some variation of swine flu :( so i havent had the time to record you a vid! which is disgusting because it's been nearly a week. rah rah rah. i dont' want to do a message though because i have a long list of words that need pronouncing. i dont know.
    i will leave you on the edge of your seat.
    one day i will travel to see the northern lights with you, it would be amazing.

  5. i would lovelovelove to see the northern lights one day!

  6. Bon Iver, scones, pretty bikes and the Northern Lights! These are all wonderful.