Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I never really liked shoes until recently. I can't tell you how many years I went through where all I would wear on my feet was black slip on Chucks. But within the past year-ish I've started to take more of an interest in shoes and see them as a continuation of my personal style. Lately whenever I look at my wardrobe I just think blahhh so I'm hoping to get a pair of new, eye catching shoes soon!

I really like Osborn Design Studios booties, because they're handmade in Guatemala with local materials and are fair trade. They'd look really awesome with just skinny jeans and a big tee.shoes3 shoes2 shoes1

On an Etsy note (HAHA when am I not on an Etsy note?) there’s always emandsprout. Because HELLO, tangerines are awesome.shoes4

Last, I’d love a pair of sequined Toms. Ooooooooh glitter. I feel like putting these on would instantly make a great day.shoes5

Okay now that I feel selfish and materialistic I’m going to call my friend so we can plan a bake sale to fundraise for Haiti.


  1. Oooh, I love Emma & Sprout shoes! The zombie kitties are awesome. You have a really great blog, btw :] You find lots of neat things I want but no money for ;_; haha

  2. I love the Osborn booties. I can totally see myself wearing those :O good luck with Bake Sale!

  3. I'm like you I never really liked shoes until recently too! the Toms shoes are so comfy!

    lovelove, M.

  4. I know, I recently discovered a new love for shoes. I was pretty much like you that lived off my Chucks. =) Best wishes with the Bake Sale!


  5. I LOVE shoes. I think I am turning into a shoe addict :o and all of those are adorable :) xxx

  6. I think shoes tell a lot about the person who is wearing them! That bake sale sounds great! :)

  7. oh i love the booties in the first pic, WANT! thanks for posting them!
    and you go and start a bake sale to raise funds for haiti!
    aww now i want a cookie :(

  8. i love glittery shoes! these are all fantastic.

    and yes, i did get lyra and serafina from the golden compass, but felicity from the american girl doll :)

  9. cute shoes! i have an addiction to shoes. oh and i love your blog header!
    thanks for visiting my blog :)