Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Okay, so, today's word of the week on Wednesday is:

VEXATIOUS- vex·a·tious
1. full of disorder or stress: troubled

For example, this week so far has been very vexatious because I...
- got a 72% on a government test that would have gotten me an A for the semester had I done well on it
- can't tolerate my family
- have to study for my five exams, which start on Friday
- can't concentrate on said studying
- am finding it hard to even think of things to put on this list
- rawr
- grrrr
- gsfg;lfksg;lskfg.

The end.


  1. .....story of my life

    midterms SUCK

  2. 72% is good, isn't it? aww, what's up with your family? I'm sure it can't be too bad, cheer up chuck xo

  3. Vexatious? Wow, the word itself looks stressed.

    Midterms, eh? They sure do suck indeed! I hope life becomes beautiful again for you- soon:)

  4. Haha at least you're humorous. I dunno if it was on purpose but it made me smile.
    Hopefully it all works out for you.