Monday, November 30, 2009

Before I die..

The other day I came across Before I Die I Want To and am absoulutely addicted. I like this project a lot more than Post Secret because it's about peoples' goals for the future, rather than things they feel they have to hide from everyone else.

It got me thinking about things I want to accomplish before I die. There are a lot of them, but the first to come to mind (not necessarily in this order!) were:
- speak at a minimum Spanish and French fluently
- live in a foreign country
- own my own business
- get married and have kids
- bake a lot of cupcakes
- dance with a ballet company again
- learn to drive and buy a car
- neglect car and use a red bike with a white basket to get around
- make everyone laugh
- pick up guitar and share music with others
- be totally comfortable in myself
- have more best friends
- learn to juggle whilst unicycling

Now it's your turn to share! What do you want to do before you die?


  1. Oh yes, I've heard of this. So awesome.

    Hmmm...before I die I want to travel to every country and give and receive friendship bracelets from at least a billion people. At least.

    Also thanks for following lovely one. You've got a new reader too!

  2. before I die i want to be sucessful in some kind of art industry, ambitious or what?!
    and i would like to move somewhere or at least visit alaska, alabama, new zealand, brazil etc. etc.
    I don't know why but im just fascinated by them places haha

  3. before I die I want my blog to be well known, I want to have lived in Paris, I want to speak French fluently, I want to have performed the song 'I'm on a Boat' in public... and loads more!

  4. oh -
    and I say, er, "Christmas time" I guess! ADVENT CALENDARS FTW. Tip for getting in the Christmasey mood : don't know if you ever go to Starbucks or if there is one near you, (wahoo for international coffee shops) but the gingerbread latte - YUM and BAUBLES!

  5. I like the cupcake one!

    Before I die, I would like to fly on a plane - since I've never been on one. It's quite depressing loll.

  6. haha the Joans Bros one made me laugh. This is great!