Monday, November 16, 2009

ze trashcan! fromage!

Mondays get such a bad rap I think. I mean I spend whole weekends dreading them, but once I'm back with my friends and snap out of the sleepy sunday mood I feel so energized.

Today my field hockey girls made up a game where if you pass someone from the team in the hall and make this face at her,
she has to sit on the floor (with dozens of people trying to pass around her!) and count to ten out loud. We got yelled at by some teachers, but it was so worth it. I miss them.

Also, I learned that when I get really excited, I shift into using a New Yorker accent. Today I said trashcan like trehhhhshcan while I was still thinking about something funny, and we couldn't stop laughing about it. Syd tried to make fun of me but ended up using a southern accent by mistake, which of course got us trying to speak with every accent we could think of.

I guess the only negative part of my day was chemistry class, or actually the teacher who I've nicknamed lizard egghead yucky sauceman. But instead of listening to him talk about polyatomic ions I made a list of the Christmas presents I'm going to buy my family and friends, with pretty sharpies. I LOVE buying presents. Asking for presesnts for myself makes me nervous but oooh yay shopping for other people.

Now I'm sitting here with some ginger tea, ready to go to ballet. Hope none of you have had the stereotypical Monday.

P.S. My formspring! Go go go!


  1. lizard egghead yucky sauceman

    what a name.
    Your writing is so prettty, mmm calligraphy!

  2. ...oh yes, I'll be the ninja and you the polyatomic atom. haha. thanks for the comment, you have a pretty dandy blog yourself.

  3. haha, yeah mondays are pretty cool sometimes, I love hearing about what you and your mates get up to (er, not in a creepy way...) cos they remind me so much of me and my friends! that's so the sort of stuff we would do - you have no idea how much crazy shizz we do in PE and get told off for it! Like the whole yoga thing haha!
    Aw, thanks, I am feeling better now :)
    Love your handrwriting BTW. I try to write like that. It fails. x

  4. I much prefer shopping for others than choosing things for myself. I'm quite sad in a way, that I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping!

  5. the title of your post reminded me I should be studying for a french test :p
    oh well :) nice post xxx