Friday, November 20, 2009


Helloooo loves. Sorry for the kind of angry post the other day. I've been feeling much better these past few days because of one thing: cupcakes! On wednesday night my mom gave me a newspaper article about a few cupcake shops that are opening near where I live. It had a few quotes from people that said that they liked the idea of cupcake shops so much because you could just go in, spend a couple dollars on a pretty cupcake, and BAM portable ray of sunshine in your otherwise dreary day. So then I got to daydreaming about what it would be like to own my own shop, and realized that it's really what I want to do- I want to make people happy. I love doing little things to brighten everyones' day, I love smiles. What better way to provide those than through beautiful cupcakes?

I realize that I'm only 15 and there are a million opportunities for me to change what I want to do with my life. But at least I've realized that, even if my fairytale cupcake shop dream doesn't come true, I want to have a job where I'm my own boss and make people happy at the same time. I feel confident in my future even though I don't know exactly what's going to happen.

I pretty much spent all day talking to my friends Sara and Angela about this.. planning flavors, drawing sketches of my shop. Today when I got home from school, I made these cuties:
Basic vanilla mini cupcakes with nutella buttercream (oh hey Debs) and orange peel hearts. My family loved them.

And I have a secret cupcake masterplan in the works that will probably be revealed to you in a few days. AH so excited! Happy weekend!


  1. Thats so nice that you have a dream of what you want to do in the future, if you try it will happen! I always thought it'd be nice to do something at that but I don't get that thrill of making anything to be honest the only time I do is with my friends (like the gingerbread men!)
    mm if only I could reach out and eat them cupcake of yours, I'd sure be a loyal customer!

  2. sooooo cute :D NUTELLA BUTTERCREAM! *dies* x

  3. oh my, the cakes you made look and sound delicious!

  4. Opening a cupcake shop sounds like an amazing idea! I wish there was one close by me.