Sunday, November 29, 2009


If there were eight days a week, I would definitely spend devote one of them to modern dance. I love it so much, but unfortunately I had to drop it two years ago to make room for ballet and cello and everything else in my life. It would be a dream come true for me to do a project like this one. I know it must look a tad strange if you aren't used to modern, but once you get into it it's so magical and perfect and.. weightless.

I just did the math, there could be eight days a week if we shortened them all to 21 hours. I'd just have to eliminate those few hours between when I wake up ungodly early and do nothing important and when the rest of my house wakes up. Sounds good to me.

I really can't being going back to school already, can I? Ahh.


  1. i use to do dance, but same as you i was too busy! I use to go like 4 days a week it was ridiculous
    I miss doing shows and things still :/ ahh well.
    I will do that awesome bloggg thingy in my next blog btw, dont think im ignoring it!

  2. Hey Kiki! I didn't know you had this other blog! I've only read through a few posts but I love it already! I really love modern dance. I grew up doing both modern and ballet but quit ballet when I got to pointe because I was enjoying modern and gymnastics a lot more and didn't have time for all of them. I plan to go back to modern dance classes as soon as I have enough income to afford them!
    Keep up the great writing and everything else you do, you're a talented girl!
    I'll try and send some of this snow your way :)