Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yesterday I was trying to clean my room and came across this box of jewelry my grandma gave me about three years ago hidden under some stuffed animals. It was probably put there because when my grandma first gave me the things I was all "Ewww, why would I wear my grandmother's old costume jewelry?" But 12 year olds are silly because I love all of the pieces now.

Today I wore this one:
With this outfit:
Cardigan: American Apparel Shirt: thrifted Jeans: Levis
Yes a very bland outfit I know, I thought that even as I was putting it on, but I was afraid to wear such a bright necklace in the first place so I wanted to balance everything out.. stupid though because I got tons of compliments on the necklace. I need to start wearing what I want to wear without being scared of what people will think. I look at magazines and blogs and get so many cool outfit ideas in my head, but never wear them because I'm afraid of the criticism I could get. But that needs to end. New goal: Trust my instincts when it comes to what I wear, even if it's really bold and crazy and no one else at my school would wear it. Yay!

Okie that's all for now. Oh wait no, today in Spanish class my teacher made us push all the desks out of the way so we could learn to salsa, borchata and meringue. It was unsuccessful and sooo humiliating oh my god. Now that's all!


  1. that is such a pretty necklace,
    my favourite ever pendant belonged to my Grandma.

  2. hey kiki thanks for the follow! i'm glad to see that my blog is actually being read. feel free to leave any feedback. as for your post, i love that necklace. and no i'm not just saying that, the colors on it are beautiful and its a unique piece.and whoever said that should know that greatest gems are given out of love and hold the greatest history ;)


  3. lovely necklace, I love that when you discover something you forgot about, the whole outfit is rather cute xx