Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy halloween...

Sooo. Yesterday was Halloween! Mine was calm and quiet. I started out by carving my pumpkin. My cat was supervising me, mhm.
I made an happy/scary one with jagged teeth, the same kind I make every year :]

Then I raked leaves and sort of failed at using my tripod and camera timer. Muhaha.

After I did homework and other such nonsense that should not be allowed on Halloween, it was time to get my costume on! The thing with me and costumes is that every september or so, I think "Oh, I'm going to put together a really awesome costume this year!" but then I never do. A couple weeks ago actually I couldn't fall asleep so I was thinking of costumes and came up with the best idea everrrr. I considered getting up and writing it down but figured that it was such an amazing idea that there was no way I could forget it. Wrong.
Which is why I was a gypsy this year! I raided my mom's closet and found everything I needed. Halloween costume = zero dollah.
Basically I found the shirt, vest and skirt to make the base and then added a whole bunch of random colorful stuff on top. Success.

My sister Allison and I went trick or treating for Unicef. For those of you who don't know, that means we collected money for school supplies, food, water, etc. for children in third world countries instead of candy. I don't go trick or treating for candy because I always feel too old, but this was fun and more age appropriate I think. Only a few people who answered the door to us didn't know what we were doing, but most everyone else was happy to see us. This one woman actually got out of her house and hugged us because she said she hadn't seen Unicef on Halloween in years and was glad that some kids were doing the right thing these days. It was a bit awkward but at least we made some people happy.

Also, since there are approximately 15 kids in my neighborhood, most of the houses we went to gave candy to us so they wouldn't have so much left over. As evidenced in this picture.

Peanut M&Ms nom nom nom. Hope you all had wonderful halloweens too; if anyone did anything really exciting I want to hear about it.

P.S. Happy november!(??) Time is flying.


  1. I like how you had a unique costume which probably no one would of invented! M&MS
    YUMMM but I don't think we have the peanut kind :S
    I want to jump in a big pile of leaves now..


  2. now no one is ever too fuckin old for candy