Friday, November 27, 2009


My dears. I hope you all had perfect Thanksgivings if you live in the US or, or decent Thursdays if you live anywhere else. Mine was just kind of mehh, like it always is. The holidays definitely bring out the worst in my parents! They get so stressed over cooking and argue about the stupidest things.. then when I try to play peacemaker I get yelled at too. So. At least my vegetarian table centerpiece looked nice?

I ate my actual dinner with just my parents and sister, and then my aunt, uncle and cousin came for desserts. That made everything better- I'm really thankful for them. And all my family, even though sometimes I do feel like strangling them.

We tried to do a jigsaw puzzle and played so many ridiculous games of Apples to Apples, the greatest card game ever! Also, we had a pie bar. God I love pie!

Off to do some black Friday shopping, waheee!


  1. Have fun shopping; I hope you get some great bargains to make up for your not so great day <3

  2. oh em gee I LOVE pie! and apples to apples (sarcastic ones are the best :p) xxx

  3. AHHH, apparently you get like, four days off? Because of Thanksgiving and Black Friday and that? MANNNN I wanna live in the US! Garrrn! Aww, I know what you mean about your parents yelling, my mum yells all the time seriously. Loving the veggie tablepiece!! x